(Home) Hiace camber angle/wheel alignment

Does anyone know the correct camber angles for a 94 (L reg) 3.0 turbo D efi hiace super custom ?

or know where i might find them

the vehicle is eating the outer edge of the front passenger side tyre, tracking has been checked, as has the the suspension for general condition, the tyre place suggested that the camber angle may be out..

if anyone has any better ideas - i would love to here them, before i start wasting money......


- (#12881) Mark, 20 Aug 04 03:22

There is a spec sheet over at
in the files section........not sure if it covers your vehicle 'exactly'...but you should get a reasonable idea form the sheet....I am looking at the sheet (LXH12 + 18... 2+4wd...1996)but cannot tell which of the 3 settings is camber....so best if you see it yourself....
- (#12881) chris turner, 20 Aug 04 05:08

My Spacecruiser did not have any edge wear until I moved to Bristol. MY Townace also shows signs of edge wear in spite of a higher tyre pressure. I put it down to the excessive amount of roundabouts, that need to be taken at flow of traffic speeds!
Worth a thought if your camber is all ok.

- (#12881) Clive (Bristol), 20 Aug 04 05:47

also worth checking for flat spots on the tyre....my sister ruined one...I believe by turning the steering to get out of tight spots when stationary....

- (#12881) chris turner, 20 Aug 04 07:41

Chris - thanks i will have a look, if i figure it out i will post it back on the site.

Clive - i am the other side of Bath, and yes there are alot of round abouts, these tyres have been on for about 4 months now and there is no tread left at the outer edge. i have checked the load rating (690 kg) but think i will go higher for the next lot as these seem to be under alot of pressure with most of the weight being at the front. possibly 6 or 8 ply if i can find a set with a decent tread pattern...

- (#12881) Mark, 20 Aug 04 16:42

Never mind the camber, have the tracking set to the most toed-out side of it's spec...

- (#12881) David Miller, 20 Aug 04 16:51