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Ace owners have a lot in common with Estima owners whose members use forums which are freely accessible and tell their own story ...
"The ultimate online resource for all your Estima, Previa & Ace needs"
"The original and best Toyota Estima Owners Forum (has an "Ace Chat" section)"

A lot of what is archived here is discussions about maintaining Townaces etc, between 2001 and 2005 on the forum/bulletin board website called the BoK (Board of Knowledge) which was operated by Mark Charles, originally for Spacecruisers. In 2005 that forum upgraded to a new BoK website which has its own features for searching its archives from 2005 onwards.
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... which are set up much the same as the chapters in a typical vehicle maintenance manual, not in alphabetical order.
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Ace Answers is a one-man operation. The site is does not use cookies or a database but the pages do run some JavaScript which your PC security may tentatively block. Unlike some resources it is designed to respond fast which is why the quality of the pictures is reduced to a low level.
Formerly hosted at fish.co.uk and www.mpvi.net, the published URL for Ace Answers has always been, and should always be www.townace.com

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